SLMC organizes Awareness walk on World Anemia Day

The rate of iron deficiency among Pakistani women was the highest in the world.

Sahiwal (NofordNation – November 30, 2022 – Correspondent) Principal Sahiwal Medical College Professor Dr. Muhammad Imran Hasan Khan has said that women, especially pregnant mothers, should check their hemoglobin regularly and remove iron deficiency from food so that during pregnancy Complications can be avoided.

He was addressing the participants of a walk organized by the Department of Gynecology on the occasion of World Anemia Day at Sahiwal Teaching Hospital here.

Dr. Safia Izhar, Head of Gynecology Department, Dr. Zareen Amjad, Dr. Hina Ilyas, MS Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Supra, Dr. Nisar Ahmad Saeedi, Dr. Muhammad Saleem, Dr. Sajid Mustafa, Dr. Shahid Chaudhry, Dr. Hasif Raza, Dr. Muhammad Wasim and a large number of faculty members, nurses and paramedical staff participated along with Dr. Farrukh Shehzad.

He said that the rate of iron deficiency among Pakistani women was the highest in the world, which was alarming. This deficiency could be overcome with the help of good diet and fruits.

Addressing the participants of the walk, Dr. Safia Izhar said that anemia causes women to suffer from fatigue and shortness of breath, which reduces their ability to work and affects their efficiency. He said that to remove anemia, maximum consumption of fruits in food and drink and change in working habits are necessary to control this disease.

He said that due to anemia, many women suffer from maternal complications, which is very dangerous for the health of the mother and the child. There is a need to create awareness among the public about the disadvantages of anemia.

Addressing the walk, Dr. Hina Ilyas said that it is very important to remove the iron deficiency disease ‘anemia’ because in our society 7 out of 10 women suffer from anemia, which not only causes life-threatening complications during pregnancy. It may have to be done, but it may also harm the development of the child.

The walk started from Gynecology Ward Rehmatul Alamin block where the participants carried banners and placards with information on how to cure anemia.

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