Meghann Gunderman Rejected Royal Prince William’s Proposal

Maybe you don’t know about Prince William’s personal life, but one thing that would shock him is that he was also a ladies’ man before his marriage. Yes! You are reading right. We are not talking about Prince Harry. We are discussing Prince William.

However, Prince William kept his personal life secretive and never disclosed his relationships and girlfriend openly, but he had many girlfriends before his marriage. Many years ago, before his marriage to his love life Kate Middleton, Prince William had a girlfriend who had not easy to forget.

Yes! Prince William met a girl named Meghann Gunderman while studying at St.Andrew’s College. Meghann and Prince started their relationship during college life, and the chapter of Meghann was never forgotten from Prince’s life.

This article will discuss the exciting details about William and Meghann’s life and why she rejected Prince William. So, please read the complete article to know about their relationship.

Prince William

Prince William is a renowned personality in the royal family as well as recognized across the world. Prince is also famous for his kindness and is known as a noble and humble royal man. Like his mother, the world also loved Prince William.

During his teenage, William loved attractive women and remained in relationships with many attractive women. One of the women he met was Meghann Gunderman; she was a beautiful girl, also. However, Meghann rejected Prince, and this thing made her famous across the world.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton are renowned couple in the world. The couple saw each other many years before their marriage or even dating. William and Kate attended the same college.

According to some sources, Kate selected the specific college because she wanted to meet Prince. We can’t say that this rumour is either true or not. However, she met with Prince William and introduced herself to him.

Both started dating after meeting at a fashion show, but this did not stay longer, and William broke the relationship as he wanted to live more. So, Prince William broke up his relationship with Kate and started going out with other girls.

After some time, William and Kate met and were together again. This time, the couple engaged and decided marriage. Now the couple is living happily, and they have beautiful children.

Prince William Rejected by a Texan Billionaire Heiress

According to a royal biographer wrote in her book Kate: How Prince Wanted to marry his classmate named Meghann. Prince proposed to Meghann Gunderman, and she rejected Prince and shocked everyone, including Prince. However, William repeatedly asked for her marriage, and she refused him every time.

However, Prince realized this Meghann would not accept his proposal and decided to marry Kate Middleton.

Who is Meghann Gunderman?

Meghann is also known as Gundy. Gundy is her nickname. In 2017, Meghann Gunderman married NFL player Jason Sehorn. She built her foundation, The Foundation for Tomorrow – an organization created to help children in Tanzania with education.

She is spending her life happily, and we have no idea if Meghann Gunderman ever regretted after rejected the royal man. However, Meghann Gunderman would turn down the Prince’s proposal again if she had another chance.

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