Molly Grantham, A Successful New Reporter, Bio, Net Worth 2023

Molly Grantham is a famous and successful lady who performed a great job in her field. Molly was awarded many prestigious awards for her dedication to her job commitment. Currently, she is doing work on WBTV News.

In this article, we’ll disclose interesting facts about Molly Grantham’s vibrant life, like her early life, Molly’s achievements, and her net worth in 2023. So, if you know all these things, continue reading until the last.

Molly Grantham Early Life

The year of her birth is unknown; however, she was born on 11th May. Joseph Michael was her father, and her mother’s name was Wilsie Moss Hartman. Molly Grantham has four siblings. However, Molly Grantham is the only daughter of Joseph and Wilsies.

Molly Grantham spent her childhood with her three brothers and parents in Lancaster, a city in Pennsylvania, in the USA.

In 1995, she went to McCaskey High School, and after completing her high school education, she enrolled in the University of North California. She completed her graduation there and got the Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Broadcasting Journalism.

After completing her graduation, she began work as an intern at ABC-TV. The is an Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney, Australia.

Molly Grantham Career

Molly Grantham started work as a journalist in 1999, and she first worked for WTVD-TV in Raleigh-Durham. However, she did not work there for a long time and left this job to find some advanced opportunity to make her career more successful.

Molly made a series of VHS tapes of her work and sent it to various television stations and networks in the USA. She wanted to show her fantastic task and dedication on her way to getting an excellent job.

Surprisingly, she found an opportunity, and WLEX-TV, located in Kentucky, offered her a job after seeing her VHS tapes. Molly Grantham happily accepted the offer and worked for three years at WLEX-TV.

While working at the Lexington TV station, she repeated her strategy of sending VHS tapes to many TV channels. However, this time she made more effort while making these VHS tapes.

Consequently, Grantham got an impressive job when WBTV News, located in Charlotte, offered her a great deal and handsome pay. Molly Grantham accepted it at once.

In 2013, Molly Grantham joined WBTV News and diligently worked there. Molly’s passion for journalism and her hard work at Charlotte’s TV station made her famous.

She touched the sky of popularity when she was nominated for various awards and nomination for her work.

Molly worked on several important topics, like the Baghdad bombing and gangs found in Charlotte. In 2008, Molly received her first Emmy Award, and in 2014, she received her second one. After that, she became renowned as she got Emmy Award twice. Moreover, Grantham has received nine nominations for her dedicated work in journalism.

Molly Grantham is also famous for her charity work. She did a great job of raising awareness against cancer. Her parents lost their lives while fighting against cancer.

She donates funds to various charities. Furthermore, she is also part of the March Forth and Sach Ramsey Children’s Cancer Fund.

Relation status

Molly Grantham married her long-term sweetheart Wes Hyland on 17th June 2007. The couple remained in a romantic relationship for many years before their marriage. The couple has two children, a daughter named Parker Hyland and a son named Hutch Hyland. Hutch is four years younger than her sister Parker. The family is happily living.


Molly was once named among the 50 most influential Women in the country. Moreover, she did a fantastic job in journalism. She is also included as an outstanding news reporter.

Besides all, Grantham is also an author as she wrote and published a book named Small Victories.

Molly Grantham Net Worth 2023

Molly Grantham is a successful and career-oriented lady who earned huge money from her journalism career. The news reporter has an approximate net worth of about $2 million.

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