Asian with Beards, Reality, Myth, And Interesting Ways to Grow Beard

For centuries, bread has been part of men’s culture, depicting many cultural purposes in a specific society. In the ancient era, the primary purpose of the beard was to intimidate and to show the look of a guy fierce.

After some time, the purpose of the beard changed and became a symbol of manhood.

In different cultures and civilizations, the purpose of a beard remained different. However, it gives a man attractive and complete manhood look. What about men who are unable to grow a full beard?

In this article, we’ll discuss Asians with Bread and their problems. We will also try to help those who think they cannot grow bread.

Moreover, in this article, we retain our focus on Asian with beards and break the myth that facial hair is impossible for Asian men.

The Myth

It is famously known that “Asian men are incapable of growing facial hair or commonly known as a beard.” However, certain men around the world cannot grow their facial hair.

However, this does not particularly imply to Asian men. Some factors play a significant role in growing a beard. Genetics, race, and family history are the most prominent factors for the lack of growth of facial hair.

Asian with Beards

Asian with beards are thought to symbolize power as they do not feel like a powerful man without having facial hair on their face. Therefore, men try their best to grow bread and attractively shape their beards.

However, if one cannot grow facial hair, it is not his fault as it is specifically due to genetics and other family background issues.

Moreover, facial hair is made up of a particular type of protein known as Keratin. Beard hair growth depends upon the amount of Keratin in your body. Another important factor is your genetics or signals that your facial hair receives from cells, blood, and nerves.

A man should focus on these above factors while growing his beard. Most importantly, activating the keratin protein buried in the follicles will play a key role in growing facial hair.

Tips to Grow the Beard

Every man trying to grow his facial hair must follow a set of rules, which are the same for every man. Here are some tips mentioned below to get better results while struggling to grow facial hair.


One cannot grow one’s hair growth overnight, as it will take two months or more to shape an attractive beard. So, be patient while following the rules and tips. It will be a time-consuming process.

Seek Advice

Once you start growing facial hair and follow some process to make your beard attractive, you must consult a professional or any salon specialist. A trainer or specialist will guide you better and make the process easier for you.

Brush Facial Hair

Brush the facial hair will better the blood circulation and help to grow the hair in the same direction. This will give you an attractive and groomed look.

Grooming Products

Use good quality grooming products while growing facial hair. These grooming products will provide you with essential vitamins, minerals, and protection. Alongside, you must consume a healthy diet for better keratin production.


Moisturizing your face as well as your beard will make your look attractive. So, using good quality moisturizing products will help you get rid of dry and patchy skin.

Coconut oil is the best moisturizer for hair and skin massage, as it keeps your skin healthy and makes your hair shiny.

Keep Your Beard and Face Clean

You must regularly wash your beard hair and clean it. So, use a good quality shampoo that contains the minimum amount of chemicals.


After following the above rules, your beard will grow significantly as you can style it adequately. One more thing you must remember while styling your beard is that the beard will look best on you only if you shape it according to your facial features. So, don’t overdo or underdo it.

We are sure that if you follow these simple rules while growing your facial hair, you will get the desired result within no time. So, don’t feel bad if you cannot grow your facial hair; following the simple steps will give you an attractive beard.

Most importantly, Asian with beards look most powerful and show manhood characteristics in their personality.


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