Andis Gtx, Latest Features, Design, And Performance

Do you want to buy the latest trimmer model and are confused about which quality of trimmer to purchase? Then this article is for you.

This article will explore Andis Gtx, the latest and most reliable trimmers model. So, this article will provide complete information about Andis Gtx and its unique features, making your daily life easier.

Andis is a renowned company that makes impressive hair trimmers, the best option to groom your beard and style your moustache. Andis trimmer gives you a stylish look and makes your personality unique.

This article will thoroughly discuss the best features and other pros and cons of the Andis Gtx. So, it will help you while choosing your trimmer.

Andis Gtx Key Features

Andis Gtx size is about 7 X 3 X 10 inches. Its weight and model are 1.4 pounds and 4775, respectively. s It has 7200 cutting Strokes per Minute. Single Speed/ Magnet motor attached to it. Blade oil and four attachment combs come with it. Mostly it comes in black and uses 120V/60 Hz.

Andis GTX Design

Design is an essential feature that gives beauty to an appliance. One must search for a product that looks attractive and trims hair precisely in a hair trimmer.

Andis Gtx comes in black colour with plastic body. Its design is professional, sleek, and looks stylish. It also has an adjustable knob in black colour.
However, its power cord is also thick and robust, making it heavier.


Andis GTX comes along with two accessories in the kit, along with a trimmer. Andis box contains a beard oil and four attachment combs. These combs help to style your beard and hair while using the trimmer. Moreover, trim your hair precisely.

Andis GTX Adjustable Blades

The most essential thing in the trimmer is its blades. The best blades are those which remain sharp for a long duration. The Andix GTX has deeper teeth on the carbon-steel stationary blade which gives it a cleaner look and cuts long hair smoothly.

Moreover, a powerful electromagnetic motor is attached to the trimmer, which helps to run the blades efficiently. So, one should oil the blades before use for its sharper work.

Power Cord

A long Power cord supports the trimmer to cut the hair comfortably. You can connect the trimmer anywhere and trim hair at a distance.

In Andis GTX model power cord feature comes with a heavy-duty grounded cord of 8 feet. A Hanger loop is attached to hang the machine anywhere.


In every trimmer, the quality of the motor defines its performance. So, it is usually recommended to buy a trimmer with a hair clipper with an electromagnetic motor—a supportive electromagnetic motor help to cut dense hair and trim the beard precisely.

Moreover, in Andis GTX, a very powerful motor is attached with deeper teeth that cut long hair quickly and shape the beard smoothly. Andis GTX produces less heat than other trimmers after use for a long time.

Furthermore, the GTX model is a professional use model as it can be used for dry shaving, fading, and all-around lining. A fantastic finish comes after its use because it is designed with zero-gapped blades.


In the end, Andis GTX is the finest product that gives you a smooth and stylish look. Its sharp and zero-gapped blades help to trim dense hair sharply and precisely.

It will be the best option to choose the Andis GTX for your personal use. However, In its latest feature, 8 feet long chord is attached to avoid user inconvenience. You can buy it without any reluctance and use it for a long time.


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