Durag Styles, Advantage and Stylish Ways To Wear Durags 2023

Durag Styles originated from the African-American culture. Now, it is worn all over the world as a stylish accessory of headgear and looks impressive. There are many ways to durag styles. Durags are available in vibrant colours and styles to look more trendy and stylish.

In this article, we’ll complete a review of Durag styles, trends, the fabric used for Durag styles, and many more. Moreover, we will also discuss how to wear and maintain a durag.

Selecting Durag Styles for Different Outfits

You Consider your top and trousers colour while styling your durag. After that, pick a colour for your drag that matches your outfit. In case of confusion while choosing a durag fabric and colour, select black, white, and grey. These durags colour match any outfit, and you can easily carry every costume.

How to Wear a Durag

  1. First, turn the durag fabric inside out so that the centre seam sticks up at the outside of the durag. In this way, the centre seam will not look pressed hard on your hair and not leave an imprint on it.
  2. Wear the durag like a hood as the flap of the durag lies flat on your neck side, and keep the front a few inches above your eyes. You can drag the front of the durag up and down according to your choice but keeping it above your eyebrows is quite acceptable.
  3. Hold the durag string in your hands and tie both strings simultaneously from the back of your neck. Tie enough that it would not fall off.
  4. Hold both strings and cross them across your forehead. In this way, two strings return to the back of your head at the opposite site and lie flat.
  5. After that, tie the remaining end of both strings to the back side of your head in a knot style.
  6. In the end, view yourself in a mirror and make adjustments if needed.

Advantages to Wear of a Durag

There are many benefits to wearing a durag. Here are some reasons to carry a durag:

Preserving and Maintaining Your Hair

Durag can help maintain and preserve your hairstyle and lock the hair moisture. Sleeping on a pillow while wearing a durag may reduce the friction between hair and pillow fabric. A good quality fabric of the durag can retain the perfect texture of your hair. One should notice that the durag must not be tied too tight.

Durag Help in Creating Waves Effect

360 waves are formed in radial concentric circles that originate from the crown of the head. So, durag is an excellent way to create waves on your hair. However, you must understand that waves can only be formed when you use waves-supporting cream or shampoo. 

Therefore, apply wave-supporting shampoo or cream on your hair, brush it, and, after moisturizing it, wear a durag to protect the wave effect in your hair. For a longer-lasting wave effect, wear the durag repeatedly.

Durag as a Protection Against Acne and Other Skin Diseases

A durag will prevent oil from flowing from your hair to your face. These oils may clog your face skin pores and cause acne to break out. It is suggested that you wear the least quality durag while sleeping and wear a finer quality during your daily routine to look presentable and attractive.


Durag styles modify your personality, and you look attractive and trendy while wearing a durag. A fine quality durag with a classy outfit will make your personality unique in a crowd.

We have discussed durag styles, fabrics, and ways to wear a durag. I hope this article will help you while choosing and wearing a durag.

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