Stacey Dales, Dynamic Life, Career Achievements, and Net Worth 2023

Stacey Dales is a renowned former Canadian basketball player currently hosting on the NFL Network. Her successful basketball career made her famous in the sports world. If you want to know about this talented lady, read the article below.

Stacey Dales Personal Life

Stacey Dale was born in Collingwood, Canada, on September 5, 1979. She completed her education at the Thousand Island Secondary School. Stacey Dale started to play basketball when she was in secondary school.

Furthermore, Dales also played for her high school basketball team. Stacey was an excellent player in her high school basket team, and due to Stacey, her high school team won three consecutive championships in 1994, 1995, & 1996.

After finishing high school, she decided to get admission to the University of Oklahoma. In her University studies, she remained to play for the university’s basketball team. She was an active member of her basketball team at the university from 1998 to 2002.

Stacey Dales became known as she was the first player who played in Oklahoma and scored 1700 points and 600 rebounds. Moreover, she also had 700 assists. Stacey Dales should be thanked because, due to her basketball skills, her team could go into the fight for the NCAA championship.

Relationship Status

Stacey Dales married Dales-Schuman after completing her studies in Alabama. However, the couple could not go together for a long time due to various problems. After some time, the couple decided to separate.

Furthermore, Stacey kept her personal life away from the media limelight after her divorce as she did not want to disclose it publicly. So, we have no information about her current relationship status.

Stacey Dales Career

Stacey Dales is an enthusiastic basketball player, and she started her professional career after finishing her college studies in 2002. Dales also signed a contract with Washington Mystics; however, at that time, she got to know about her disease as she was suffering from Raynaud’s Phenomenon of hands. Therefore, she announced her retirement from basketball.

ESPN hired her soon after she announced her retirement from her playing career. She began her job as an analyst department for male and female college basketball. At that time, she also started reporting in relation to college football.

In 2008, she left ESPN and joined the NFL Network in 2009. Currently, she is hosting at NFL Network. Moreover, she is also considered an active correspondent for Universal Sports.

Stacey Dales Net Worth 2023

Stacey Dales was an active player in the basketball team, and her excellent talent in the basketball matches made her famous. She also won various games but had to leave her playing career because of her hand problem.

However, she started her career on TV and pursued her talent as a host. Many renowned channels hired Stacey; however, she is currently doing the job at NFL Network.

So, according to her working profile and various sources, Stacey Dales’s net worth in 2023 is approximately $2 million. However, she is doing an excellent job now, so her net worth will grow in the upcoming years.



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