Amin Elhassan, His Dynamic Life And Successful Career, Net Worth 2023

Amin Elhassan is one of the most prominent but rare sports journalists who took media attention due to his unbiased analysis. Amin’s sports presentation skills make him extraordinarily important in the sports world.

Moreover, Elhassan neither studied journalism nor any other sports-related degree.

However, his sports presentation expertise makes him worthy of admiration.
Amin works on the channel ESPN as an on-air commentator.

He is an athletic reviewer who participates in many shows on ESPN, like SportsCenter, His and Hers, The Jump, Microphones and Mike, and SportsNation.

If you are curious about the dynamic personality of Amin Elhassan besides his professional life, this article is for you. Here, we’ll discuss all Amin’s life, including his personal life and net worth in 2023.

Early Life Amin Elhassan

Amin was born in the Republic of Sudan on April 12, 1979. Amin’s parents shifted to New York City when he was a child. However, he went back to his birthplace at the age of 8. Amin Elhassan again moved from Sudan to New York City when he was studying high school.

Since childhood, Amin has been interested in sports and was excellent in science and math. Therefore, he decided to pursue his career in the engine room. He studied engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology after completing high school.

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in engineering, he went to WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University to study business. After that, he also completed his MBA in sports business there.

Amin Elhassan belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity and holds Sudanese nationality. Moreover, he does not reveal his private life in the media, so it is difficult to say whether he is married.

Professional Life

Amin began his job in the marketing department of Atlanta Hawks of the National Basket Association after realizing he could not progress in the engineering line. So, he built various sports connections once he became aware of the sports world.

From 2004-05, he worked as an intern at the New York Knicks basketball operations office. After completing his season, he joined the Phoenix Suns as a video coordinator.

After working as a scouting coordinator, Amin Elhassan was appointed as an assistant director of basketball operations under the team’s manager, Steve Kerr. Later on, he joined ESPN after working for four seasons there.

Amin worked in a challenging environment at ESPN. Firstly, his work was related to being a freelance sports writer. However, he succeeded in achieving a full-time job as a sports correspondent and analyst. He has brought live coverage of important NBA games besides top-notch analysis.

Moreover, Amin is a regular contributor to EPSN radio podcasts like The Dan LeBatard Show. However, Amin, during his shows, makes offensive jokes and controversial comments which are two prominent things that make him renowned among sports journalists.

Amin Elhassan Net Worth 2023

The 39-year-old sports journalist has been working at ESPN TV Channel since 2012. The athletic reviewer’s average salary at ESPN is $ 78k annually. However, according to some sources, it is estimated that Amin Elhassan’s net worth is approximately $ 2 million.

Amin Elhassan earned his money from his successful sports analyst career. He did many projects as an on-air commentator on ESPN’s daily NBA show, The Jump. He also co-hosts a show on ESPN Radio alongside Izzy Gutierrez.

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