Armin Meiwes Crime Scene Photo And His Complicated Trial Verdict

Armin Meiwes crime scene photo depicts that he is guilty of killing some people wrongfully. Germany’s 84 days review ended on Friday when judges imprisoned 8 years and six months to confessed cannibal Armin Meiwes. It was the most shocking and horrible trial in German prison history.

Armin Meiwes was charged with the inhuman killing of a computer expert man who was 43 years old and belonged to Berlin. Armin Meiwes ate his genitalia after killing him and froze the rest of his body to eat later.

The whole world was interested to know after Armin Meiwes crime scene photo showed up on the media. However, judges sentenced him to 8 years long prison and closed the case on Friday in a Kassel courtroom.

What is the Real Punishment for that Cannibal?

The prosecutors tried hard to get a life sentence for a murder caused by sexual urges. However, they could not succeed in their demand. A security guard at the jail named Harald Ermel told His client, who is known as a “cannibal of Rotenburg” should be freed because the person was found dead and be eaten.

Moreover, Harald Ermel claimed that a cannibal could be jailed or sentenced to imprisoned for 5 years based on how frequently he killed himself.

In the case of Bernd-Jurgen B., a 40 to the 60-year-old victim was found murdered after answering an online ad. However, he claimed that Armin Meiwes often wanted the younger men as his prey.

The Complicated Cannibal Trial

The trial of the cannibal was made complicated when evidence was presented in the court where victims claimed that he or she wanted to die. Moreover, Meiwes’s lawyer showed the emails of the victims. In that emails, victims said it clearly that he or she wanted to be killed or be eaten later.

Furthermore, Meiwes filmed the video during the killing, which was played on the court. Mewies killing video made certain that Bernd chose to die. This video made everybody shocked in the court. In the video recording, the way of killing was similar to the movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s killing method.

According to the Armin Meiwes crime scene photo he followed the same way in the movie: he used meat hooks, a cage, and a butcher’s desk in the dark, scary room. While talking with the news agency Reuters, Professor Arthur Kreuzer claimed that the scene of the video was enough to end up in jail statistics.

However, Prosecutor Marcus Okohler said the killer, Meiwes, was aware that his patient had a severe personality disorder, so he could not think right.

An unknown person claimed that it was clear from Armin Meiwes crime scene photo that he intentionally chose to kill a person and eat him. Meiwes killed Bernd Jurgen B. like a piece of meat and then played with him like a toy.

Armin Meiwes crime scene photo proved to the trial that he killed Bernd for sexual pleasure and wanted to satisfy his desire to eat human meat, said Kohler. He added that Meiwes used that video for sexual pleasure and imagined himself as a “Human Butcher.”

Moreover, Meiwes remained calm during his whole trial. Later on, he talked while viewing his crime scene photos. He said, “I had my big Kick.” He added, “He is writing a book about how his last dream was not real.

George Stolpmann, a mental health expert, testified about Meiwes’s mental condition. George said Meiwes was mentally healthy to handle the trial and he was not suffering from any kind of intellectual sickness. However, Meiwes was a “schizoid personality, unable to build a healthy relationship and cannot control one’s emotion.

In December, Meiwes said that he killed Juergen because he felt lonely and wanted a relationship like a brother or a neighbour. However, he did not kill Bernd because he was gay.

The Cannibal’s and Victim’s Last Hours’ Video

Armin Meiwes told the court he was ashamed of what he had done and would not do it again. He added he would not try and do it again in the future.

However, Meiwes recorded video of the killing of the computer expert was shown to the judges, lawyers, and Meiwes. During the 1 hour and 30 minutes recorded video, Bernd and Armin said a few words to each other, which broke the silence in the courtroom.

Armin Meiwes had continuously cut up the computer expert’s body, and at the end, he repeatedly stabbed the victim’s throat. The shot video is equally crucial for the defence and the prosecution.

However, the prosecution hoped it would convince the judges that Mr. Brandes did sleepwalk to his death due to his confused mental condition. Brandes was unconscious due to alcohol, sleeping pills, or bloodless medicine as seen in the Armin Meiwes crime scene photo and video.

More interestingly, some officials said the video on the court was one and a half hours. However, the actual video started in Meiwes’s kitchen and implied that Juergen took off his clothes before the virtual camera did. It showed that Mr. Brandes was unsteady and had no sign of pushing or forcing the victim.

Meiwes cut Juergen’s penis, and the victim was shouting; Cut the part now. That showed that Meiwes was not an assassin but a person who wanted to fulfil his and the victim’s desires.

After that, Meiwes, along with his second time for the virtual camera, was seen using an oven’s tool as he was cooking Brandes penis. On the other side, Mr. Brandes was sitting straight up. However his eyes were all blurry, and it seemed like he was saying, “It’s too hard.”

In the next scene, Meiwes took him down the stairs to the first-floor bathroom. In the bathroom, Meiwes left him in the bathtub to bleed out while he remained busy watching a Disney movie.

The last and final scene was scary and horrible as it was filmed in “the butcher,” a cold and frightening room that was painted black and red. This room was located at the top of the house. In the room, there were a lot of pulleys, ropes, and meat hooks.

Mr. Brandes was mumbling in the room, but it was inaudible because Meiwes put the knife on him. One criminal observer said that the last look in Brandes’s eyes felt that he did not want to die. Moreover, the recording was about four and a half hours long, but it was shortened to 1 and a half hours for the judges.

Meiwes, when he was 12 years old, saw a dream that he was killing and eating every character. The killing of Mr. Brandes was the turning point. However, the killing of Brandes did not fulfil his dream, and he wants more people to be hurt.

In short, Armin Meiwes crime scene photo shocked and scared everybody about the inhuman ways used in the video. Meiwes was arrested in December 2001 after a complaint was registered against him. However, the defendant said he was finding a new victim to satisfy his urge.

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