Boy killed 10 fellow students in Virginia near a Walmart store

The suspect is scheduled to appear in court for a hearing on December 8th.

Virginia ( Noford Nation – Khushbakht )

A college student opened fire on fellow students at a Walmart store in Virginia. There are several injuries and deaths reported in Virginia.

Unfortunately, police do not know the reason and motive behind these killings. Also those who knew the shooter and victims could not find any possible reason behind this.

Although John (shooter) has played in the football team of the school once, his fellow players said that he was quite good at football but played for a short time.

During his stay in the team, he never fought with those guys whom he killed with the bullets in their heads. John’s family members said that their son was bullied in the school but until now they did not provide any evidence of it.

A judge ordered the suspect to be held without bail. He did not file a petition and was temporarily appointed as a public defender.

Jones Jr., was on a bus just returning to campus from a field tour in Washington, D.C. when he allegedly shot at classmates. He is charged with three counts of murder and carrying an illegal weapon.

Ryan Lynch, a student on the same trip said that one of her friends told her that Jones said you guys always mess with me and then he opened fire.

Jones had already been involved in a case of hit and run in Petersburg in 2020. The charges were later lessened to misconduct, and Jones did not appeal and was given a 12-month suspended sentence.

After the shooting, the whole school was in shock and the school announced two days off.
Also, the school announced it had canceled its final home football game of the season, scheduled for Saturday. The suspect is scheduled to appear in court for a hearing on December 8th.

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