Angie Janu: An Interesting Women

Angie Janu became famous when she married Jason Beghe and another time when Angie hit the headlines when she divorced Jason Beghe. Moreover, Angie Janu has always been trying her best to become an actress in Hollywood, but she did only one prominent role.  

Angie Janu Career

Angie Janu started her career with modelling, and she did it very successfully. However, later she decided to become an actress, but she could not have any success in Hollywood.

 She began her acting career with commercials and got her first big shot in 1997. In short, she was cast in the movie that is known as Too Good to Be True.

However this movie received huge popularity, but it did not bring any good fortune for Angie regarding acting. So, she did not see or portray any role in the future.

Angie Janu Relationship status 

Angie Janu came into the media limelight after marrying Jason Beghe, a famous American actor who has been acting since 1985. Furthermore, Angie and Jason first dated for a while before both decided to marry in 2000.

The couple has two biological children. Bix, who was born in 2003, and their second child was Bo, who was born in 2006. 

Angie and Jason used to live in California during their marital life; however, controversies started in their marriage life. The couple decided to separate after some years of their marriage.

This news was not surprising when everybody knew that both the partners had agreed to divorce. In 2017, the divorce was finalized, and Jason claimed custody over their biological children. 

Angie Janu Net Worth 2023

As it is clear that she has been trying to build her career in Hollywood; however, she could not make any breakthrough in that field.

Above all, she has a net worth in 2023 is about $1.5 million. Most probably, Jason paid this money as the divorce settlement.


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