Dave Portnoy Age, Personal Life, Career And Net Worth 2023

Dave Portnoy is a famous businessman who owns a $100 million company and many more. Yes! We are going to discuss the founder of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy. Dave is a dynamic personality who worked in various fields and earned immense popularity in every domain of life.

Dave Portnoy is an interesting man, a controversial blogger, and a podcast host. Dave is known for his names like El Pres, El Presidente, and Davey Pageviews. Dave owned a small print newspaper and shifted it to a media giant.

He is renowned worldwide, and people love his work and comedic view of things. Moreover, he is also known for his sports news. His endless struggle has made Barstool Sports value over $100 million. Let’s talk about Dave Portnoy age, life, profession, and net worth in 2023.

Dave Portnoy age and Biography

Dave Portnoy’s date of birth is 22 March 1977. Swampscott, Massachusetts, is his birthplace. Dave Portnoy age is 46 years in 2023. He also completed his High School education in Massachusetts in 1995.

At the time, Dave Portnoy age was 18 years. The funny thing about Dave is that ESPN’s Todd McShay was his Swampscott High School classmate.

Moreover, he excelled in baseball in his youth, but he stopped playing baseball due to a shoulder injury. After high school, he went to the University of Michigan, where Dave completed his degree in Education.

Professional Life

Dave Portnoy started his job at Yankee Group, an IT market research firm, where he worked in sales. At that time, he had completed his college degree. He was not satisfying his job and wanted something more.

Dave wanted some extraordinary, so he came up with an idea publication discussing sports spreads and betting advice. Dave was very good at sports gambling and continued his interest as his passion. This passion later laid the foundation of his multimillion empire, which is known as Barstool Sports.

In the early years of Barstool Sports, it was only a free black-and-white newspaper full of betting and fantasy sports advice. In his newly growing business, Dave used to distribute this newspaper by himself at the Boston Metro. At that time of Dave’s life, the famous mantra “for the common man, by the common man” was born.

After several years of Barstool’s inauguration, Dave launched it on the internet. However, in 2007, Barstool sports made a website, and this website became extremely popular in a short time. This business grew from Boston to New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

In 2016, Dave announced in an emergency organized press conference that the Chernin Group purchased 51% of the company’s stake. This news changed the name of the CEO of Barstool Sports: the new CEO, Erika Nardini.

However, the new team, Dave and Erika, became great, and they expanded their business even more extensively. Later on, Dave also inaugurated a successful podcast and many TV shows.

In 2018, Dave’s company was over $100 million. In 2019, Barstool Sports shifted its new office to New York.

Personal Life

Dave Portnoy married his long-term sweetheart, Renee Sathertwaite, in 2009. Dave Portnoy age was almost 34 years at the time of his marriage. However, after eight years, Dave announced their separation.

However, he did not reveal the reasons behind their separation. Dave tries to keep away his personal life from the media limelight.

Dave Portnoy Net Worth 2023

Dave Portnoy’s net worth is about $10 million in 2023. He came from bottom to top and earned a considerable sum through hard work. When Dave started his business, it was just a newspaper.

Later on, this small business grew into a website. This website became one of the most renowned websites of all time.

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