Mia Maples: a Dynamic Personality, An Inspiration for Many

Mia Maples, a Canadian YouTuber renowned as Ivorygirl48, was born on 18th March 1999. She is one of the most known vloggers on YouTube. However, she is equally known on Twitter and Instagram.

Mia Maples has become a social media sensation among young artists. She makes her content related to fashion, DIY, and beauty.

Mia Maples Ivorygirl48 YouTube Life

Mia Maples, a popular vlogger, started her YouTube channel in February 2013. However, she posted her first video on 16th February 2013 her channel named “Neutral Smokey Eye-Great for Beginners.” Moreover, the number of viewers of this video is about 17,963.

 She started to make videos for her channel on YouTube in her teenage. Her YouTube channel named “Mia Maples” has almost 1.7 billion subscribers till January 2019. She did a great job within five years and made a social media sensation for the young generation. However, Mia named her channel “Ivorygirl48” before the title of Mia Maples.

Furthermore, her popularity inclined after she started a collaboration with StyleHaul. Mia Maples’ videos are related to DIY, fashion, beauty, home renovations, and many more.

She covers dynamic fields while filming content; she seems to be a multitalented girl. In her videos, she portrays herself as a fun-loving and most engaging content creative girl. She usually uploads videos every Friday and Sunday.

She is an innovative girl who tries new things and keeps updating her followers with recent trends and fashion ideas. In some videos, she also featured her brother and boyfriend, Alfonzo and Luke. In one of the posts on Instagram, Mia introduced Luke as his boyfriend. Ivorygirl48 also filmed some prank videos on her channel.

Mia Maples Net Worth 2023

Mia Maples’ net worth is approximately $1 million. She earns primarily from her YouTube channel Mia Maples. Moreover, she makes her monthly earnings from $3k to $48k. 

Moreover, she earns a lot from her work in Style Haul and from selling her signature clothing line. She achieved so much at a young age. She has already on the journey to reach the ultimate goal of life.

As she has a huge fan following. She is among the most successful YouTubers, and it hopes her name would be included in the list of best-earning YouTubers very soon.


Ivorygirl 48 is an inspiration for all the young generation who wants their career in the social media world.



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