Kristy Althaus: Everything You Need to Know About Her Interesting Life

Kristy Althaus is a beauty pageant contestant in the Miss Colorado Teen USA. However, she became famous after being caught in a porn video scandal, leading to her losing credibility as Miss Colorado Teen USA.

However, her scandal got exceptional media attention because she was the best-known candidate in the Miss Colorado Teen USA. Here, we unwind on her life’s exciting sides. Let’s start!

Kristy Althaus Early Life

Kristy Althaus, the former runner-up in Miss Colorado Teen USA, was born in Aurora, Colorado, on May 2nd, 1994. However, her family’s detailed information was not revealed on the internet.

She was a very bright student studying in college when she entered Miss Colorado Teen USA in 2012. She was just in next to that year’s winner Jacqueline Zuccherino.

Kristy stripped of Miss Colorado Teen USA 2012

In 2013, Kristy’s porn video leaked on YouTube, and this video was the main reason to lose her credibility as a successful contestant in Miss Colorado Teen USA. After watching this video, the jury changed his mind and stripped Kristy Althaus.

In this adult video, Kristy was asked about her age and replied that she was 18. In the same clip, she said that was her first porn video.

Moreover, that video became the reason for the promoters of the pageant; Future productions removed Kristy’s name from their official website.

Later on, that porn video was removed from YouTube. However, she did not issue any statement regarding that video. Moreover, she deleted her Twitter account after that porn video scandal.

Furthermore, the public generated their own opinions: some said Kristy was innocent in that scandal, and others blamed Kristy as guilty. However, after this scandal, Kristy began her career as an adult movie star. Kristy Althaus made two hit online adult movies.

 Relationship Status

Kristy Althaus was dating famous football player Derek Wolfe. However, after the Kristy porn video scandal, Derek Wolfe supported every social media platform. Moreover, the couple broke up after Kristy Althaus started her porn career.

 Net Worth 2023

An estimation of Kristy’s net worth is $500,000 thousand. She has earned this money from the beauty pageant and porn movies.

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