Chandie Yawn-Nelson; Bio, Professional Life and Net Worth 2023

Chandie Yawn-Nelson was the second wife of famous Hollywood star Joey Lawrence. Chandie Yawn-Nelson got famous when she started dating Joey Lawrence.

Before this, she was an ordinary lady doing her job at InterCall. Let’s dig in more about Chandie’s personal, love, and professional life.

Chandie Yawn-Nelson’s Early Life

There is insufficient information about her early life; however, Chandie was born in 1975 in the USA. She graduated from Auburn University in Alabama.

Chandie has no personal family profile on any social media platform. She came into the media limelight when the couple started their love life.

Professional Life

Chandie worked as an employee in InterCall, the best-known company for collaborations and conference service providers. She did her job in a dedicated and passionate way; however, after her marriage to Joey, she ended her career and spent all her efforts on her personal life.

Chandie Yawn-Nelson, after marriage, remained a housewife and did not work anywhere.

Chandie-Joey Love Life

Chandie Yawn-Nelson and Joey Lawrence first saw each other at thirteen in Disneyland and enjoyed an ice cream date; however, they separated with no love story.

After that, Joey married Michelle Vella. Sadly, Michelle and Joey’s marriage could not remain long, and the couple parted ways.

After their divorce, Joey started dating Chandi Yawn-Nelson, and they married soon. During an interview with YourTango, Joey Lawrence said their marriage proposal happened suddenly and unexpectedly during a car drive.

Both decided to marry after that couple’s marriage ceremony at Disney, where they met first.

In 2006, Joey-Chandie got their first daughter, Charleston Charli Lawrence, and in 2010, the couple got another daughter, Liberty Grace Lawrence. The couple has enjoyed their married life for over a decade with their daughters. However, there comes another twist: Joey-Chandie ended their married life in 2020.

Joey Lawrence and Chandie Yawn-Nelson’s Divorce

Joey and Chandie Yawn-Nelson got divorced, confirmed by US Weekly. The couple separated their ways after 15 years of marriage. Joey and Chandi Yawn-Nelson would jointly share their daughters’ legal custody as they have 2 biological daughters.

According to sources, Joey Lawrence filed for separation from Chandie Yawn-Nelson in 2020. The couple got divorced each other after 2 years of their separation.

Chandi Yawn-Nelson Net Worth

There is little information regarding her net worth of Chandi Yawn-Nelson as she is not working currently. However, she was sharing a $6 million net worth with Joey. The couple is enjoying a luxurious life.

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